Why is jute eco friendly?

Jute fibre is entirely bio-degradable and compostable.

Jute fibre is recyclable.

Jute bags are hard-wearing and can be used again and again, negating the need to use plastic carrier bags.

Jute can be grown without the need to use pesticide or fertiliser. Where these chemicals are used jute requires very little of them compared to other crops.

Jute reaches maturity in under 6 months and offers large crop yield for the area of land its grown upon. This efficiency of growth means less land is required compared to other crops and therefore reduces the need to encroach upon wilderness and natural habitats.

The woody core of the jute plant (called hurd) has the potential to meet the majority of the world’s wood needs. Underutilised at the moment, jute hurd has the potential to have a huge positive impact on the reduction of deforestation.

The plant absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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